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Feast of the Hunters’ Moon

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The Feast of the Hunters’ Moon offers several educational opportunities for school age children to explore the Feast!  They will learn from outstanding educators about the history and heritage of Fort Ouiatenon, and the many cultures that were at Ouiatenon in the 18th century!

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We hope that you and your special education students will join us for our annual Special Kids’ Day at the Feast of the Hunters’ Moon! All students involved in your school’s special education program or those that have any type of supportive services are welcome. Your students are welcome to tour the grounds at their own pace, visiting Feast participants, including craftspeople, musicians, Native Americans and French voyageurs. There will be hands-on activities and things to take home.
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School Fun Day at the Feast

Open to all 1st through 6th grade students. Students will learn about Fort Ouiatenon and its inhabitants, participate in hands-on demonstrations and see costumed participants demonstrate traditional arts.


Please join us for the School Fun Day at the Feast in 2022.

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